Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pof pof, beans and chicken gizzards

Does this look appetizing or what????

Chicken gizzard spiced up on a stick, with pof pof (our african doughnuts) and deliciously slow-cooked beans...
This takes me back to my days as a student, when my really close friend and then roommate, my sister and I, literally searching for pennies in all corners of the apartment we shared, our bags or the pockets of our clothes, would need to make happen lunch and dinner from whatever we had, as long as we didn't go to bed hungry. And you know what? It's one of these times of my life that I keep good memories of, despite the hard times...
You really do not need to dine out (or to budget long grocery list) to enjoy good food!!!!


  1. hi Sasi, this looks really good and 'restaurant like' ..Could you tell me your Puff puff recipe ..i would like to try it and compare with what i have..thanks

  2. yummmy.I like the meaty...never heard of puff and beans..hmm will try it

  3. Sasi me i don't know about puff puff n beans o this combination e get as e be.but that gizzard looks yummy mehn.ha sasi where is your house and what part of the world? it won't be bad to visit you sha *see what food can do to me,its a shame*

  4. @Jemima, thanks mama! I'll be posting y pof pof recipe as soon as I can. Usually I like to do it when I cook it so that I can put exact measurement and pictures of the process.

    @Unveilinggold, I was trying to follow you on your blog but couldnt find where...or maybe its just me lol.

    @Martha, thanks dear, You're welcome anytime oohh. My kitchen table is always ready for food to be served lol. In fact I already have a seat with your name on it. But you gonna have to share the chair with your namesake (my lil sis) lol. Yeah that combination pof pof and beans might be unfamiliar to some, but it is very common in Cameroon, just like you eat beans and rice. It's actually really good but you have to make sure you don't put the regular amount of sugar in the pof pof, it's really just slightly sweet if its gonna be eaten with beans. But it's yummy ! guarantee!!

  5. Hi..really? thanks :-) just copy my url and add to your blog list on your dashboard.. its on the lower ledt says add..I just discovered your second blog..niceness

    Or you can go to my home on the right lower corner, there is blue tab that says join site..

  6. Lovely blog my dear! i never knew about it till now. I will go through it soon.

  7. ah! *eyes popping* i was just minding my biz jejely o. i can practically hear my tommy grumbling. #sigh

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