Wednesday, October 26, 2011

*** Eru and Fufu *** A Delight!!!

Hello dear readers!!

I have truly missed you. Have you? **everybody said "Yes, Sasi!!!"** I know, I know...
First my husband got sick with a bad case of flu for almost a full week and the week after, I was down with the same exact illness. So it's been a little crazy. 
I am feeling much better now, except for this very annoying nasal congestion that gets worse at night.

I hope to be able to share a few pictures/recipes in the next couple of days. I really prefer posting detailed recipes in response to demand so if there is something you would like me to explain, please feel free to ask in the comments section. 
Otherwise, I'd rather share food pictures and tell a little bit of the story behind the particular dish, enjoying the "spirit of the food", rather than the technicalities of step-by-step recipes...

Thus said, I will be posting the recipe for cameroonian fishrolls very soon, as I am making a big batch today, as a few of you have asked me to. But for now let's all enjoy this picture of a dish which is a staple in our house. For those of you who are not familiar, it is called Eru (made from Eru leaves also known as Okazi leaves in Nigeria and Mfumbwa in Congo), originally from Cameroon, served here with Oat Fufu.

I'll soon share more details on Eru.


  1. Lord Jesus! this food eh! on a day liek this that I am on hunger strike?
    Sorry about the cold but I could have told you that caring for the husband would almost be a guaranteed way to get it next....sorry...hope you get better

  2. Sorry about your cold but there is love in sharing,your husband loves you thats why he gave you lol.
    i mentioned you in my blog so check it out ok me ok

  3. How did I get here? ewo! that eru is on fire..

  4. HoneyDame hunger strike? Why nah? After all this appetizing pics on your blog???
    Thanks for the well wishes oooo, I certainly need it and I used a lot of you. Honey is truly nature's gift, and HoneyDame? Blogsville's Treasure!!
    Martha, I tell you oo sister! I was there playing miss nurse and by the time I blinked my eye, I was the one being nursed. I was on your blog, lovely!!
    Unveiling Gold, welcome ooo!! It always smells good in my kitchen. I tell you, that Eru was powerful. It had us running to answer Mother Nature's call withing 12 hours of gulping down half of the pot each and fighting for the last bite. LOL.

  5. ummm this looks good ...really good :)

  6. LOL @ mother time you guys shouldnt chop all oh, save some for the next easier said than done

  7. @Jemima Mama it's a really authentic african dish with all traditional flavors and particulars (crayfish, snail *optional but delicious*, smoked fish, oxtail etc.), and with Yam fufu? it's the bomb lol!!

    @Unveilinggold, I tey you. God knows why He said that was a sin. LOL. I just got a fresh package of Eru/Okazi leaves sent from my mom. I'm just growing my pocket to get everything I need. Oxtail is so expensive, even smoked fish.
    I have even decided to learn how to smoke my own fish at home. I wish I had grown up in the village or something. Anybody knows how?