Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cameroonian Fishrolls

Hey guys! So this is one of my favorite finger/party foods. It's pretty simple to make if you have an eye and feel for cooking in general. I pretty much taught myself how to make them after eating them a few times and  by looking at the color, flavor and consistency of it and I was quite lucky to have found the perfect combination of ingredients. They were excellent and my husband was really impressed since it was my first time making it. They were better than the ones we had ordered for our wedding or any of the ones I had tasted sofar, so I will pass along the recipe and pictures of the process If I get requests for it.

Cameroonian fishrolls are eaten as a snack and are a popular appetizer. In the community there are always baby showers, baptism parties, send-off parties, engagement parties (all of which start at night until dawn which great music, alcohol and a dance floor) and fishrolls are great to bring to share with other guests. 
Note that for us, a lot of the parties are like big pot-lucks. Everybody cooks and brings something and often there is enough to feed a couple hundreds people with consistent left overs! It's just a great way to support each other and you can be guaranteed that if you organize a party, although you do have to plan and cook for your guests, you can be almost certain that you will never end up in a situation where there is not enough food for people to eat. The women will almost always each bring one or a couple of big aluminum trays filled with delicious dishes.

So here, enjoy the sight, while I enjoy the taste and the smell!!!


  1. I love it! They look so good, I would to learn how to make them!

  2. Hi MrsNdem,

    just stumbled across ur blog: Yummy pictures! I also run a food blog at and I've been looking for a fish roll recipe. Your fishrolls look so yummy and would like to try making some. So would appreciate if you can put up your recipe. If I do put up the recipe on my site, I would definitely cite you as the source. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Nice pictures can you please provide the recipe.

  4. Just stumbled across this and would very much like to give this a go! could you please tell us how to make this? cheers!