Monday, September 26, 2011

Samousas au poisson (fish filled)

So today I wanted to make something light and different for dinner. Wasn't sure what to make. I remembered that we had a fish left in the fridge, a tilapia to be exact. We usually only buy fresh fish for one purpose: my husband's roasted tilapia. Exquisite!!! Usually with some roasted or fried plantains, a spicy sauce to dip, and a lil mojito ice ;-)

Anyways, back to my menu. I haven't made samousas in a while so I just thought it would be a good idea to have them for dinner. Now for those who do not know, samousas are as African as they are Indian and I am sure they are probably popular in different versions in other places in between or around Africa and India. We grew up eating either the fish filled samousas or the beef (usually spicy groundbeef) filled samousas. I have always liked the fish filled better. And if you know African food, and I mean real African food, tasty, hearty, spicy African food, and you have had spicy fish filled samousas, then you'll agree.

Alright it is 12:17am, and I don't think I'll have the strength to post the recipe. I'll share pictures of the end result. Then I'll update a little later (another day) with the recipe and pictures outlining the process. I have bread rising in the oven right now anyways and yeah that wasn't too smart especially when I'm tired and sleepy, but I'm trying to let my bread rise slower and longer as it improves the overall taste of the bread in the end. How did i got get started talking about bread? :-/

Update!! You can view the recipe for Samousas here
And the recipe for the crust to make the Samousas is here

We had samousas with some grass ;-) a spicy tomato sauce and pina colada watermelon smoothies (created/invented and manufactured by my dear other half - didn't think the watermelon would go with the pina colada but thats the another post of its own lol!!!)

See the spicy fish mixture in there? Yummy!!!

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  1. Yummy! Now I feel like going to my kitchen... Thank you for the recipe ...

  2. You welcome Bois Noir. The nice thing is that you can make this with ingredients that you would normally have in your kitchen! Enjoy and let me know how it turns out whenever you try it!!