Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dada's Pina Colada Watermelon Smoothie

Alright guys so any of you ever wondered why you would have to pay $4 for a small sized smoothie? Simple, most of the time they are worth it right? They are simply delicious!!! How about you add up the number of smoothies you are likely to buy/drink over the course of a given summer and invest in some tasty exotic syrup, an ice tray, a blender and some good quality in season fruits? 
Then you can have your made to order exquisite smoothies with combinations limited only by your imagination and creativity (and not by how much you are not willing to pay). And guess what? You didn't lose a penny extra than the price of the ingredients!

Well, so one day, a few weeks ago, I came back from work after my husband. I'll nickname him Nemy for the blog lol. Thats the nickname I have always wanted to give him but he firmly and forcefully rejected it and rebuked it!!! LOL. He doesn't answer to it at all. Actually no, let's use Dada, that's what my sisters call him. Anyways, so i came from work after Dada, tired. Went straight to the kitchen and there was standing my dear Dada, holding a large Rhinelander and the content was ohhh sooo appealing !!! 
Listen, I'm african girl, I don't care for flowers and I won't pretend like I can smell how good they smell because I really can't. I haven't developed that skill yet and probably never will LOL. But give me food (in this case a drink)  or anything that can please my mouth (oops keep it straight ok, I mean food or drinks, not whatever you dirty people might imagine) and fill my stomach and I fall in love with all over again...! Sad... I know... LOL.

So for Dada's Pina Colada Watermelon smoothie you need: 

- A blender
- A few slices of sweet watermelon (Dada somehow knows how to pick the delightfully sweet ones. The one I get are always just "ok")
- Ice cubes
- Pina Colada syrup (any from the grocery store will do, but please don't pick the cheapest one... but you don't need the most expensive one either)

A little trick: I found that to get the consistency that you want, with the little teeny tiny ice crystals that melt almost instantly on your buds, you wanna fill the blender with as much ingredients as you can. When the blender is not full, it tends to "overblend" the ingredients, or maybe there is too much room for the liquid to move around, too much moving around releases heat that melts those little ice crystals (kinetic energy I think... maybe?! lol don't laugh, I'm really not trying to sound smart LOL) and you end up with something that feels and tastes more like melted milkshake --- and I'm sure you don't want that!

This is not that clear of a picture... sorry. I'll post a few better ones. But yeah, it's delightfully good!!!

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