About Me

I am a food lover. I love getting inspiration from pictures, smells but even more from other women (or men) especially from another cultural background than mine who like me enjoy the making of great, tasty and hearty comfort food. To me the process of cooking is just as important as the end result. I am an african at heart and back home, on the days of big celebrations, women gathering together to make food was one of my favorite things to watch. They would arrive one by one or in groups, chatting and laughing, teasing each other, giving one another tips and advice on how to deal with "these men", catch up on family issues and gists. Each of them would bring their unique expertise, cutting, chopping, mincing, marinating, frying, roasting, kneading, mixing, pounding and before you know it, all sorts of dishes sweet, chewy, crunchy, savory would fill the kitchen. The kids would be running around trying to steal a bite or a slice away. That is exactly the images and the sights that I would like to share. This blog is not only about sharing pictures and techniques and recipes but it's also a way for me to capture and make note of what I already know so that I can try new things and new cooking challenges.

I would love to get feedback from you about the blog in general but especially about particular dishes that I make that you might know a different/similar version of, or any other type of recipes/dishes that you remind you the sweet, comfortable feeling of "being home" whether you are "home" or whether what you consider your ultimate home is 100, 1000, or 10,000 miles away from where you are. Feel free to bring your contributions in the "comments" area and they will get added/incorportated if you so desire into the blog.
 With warm regards,
Sizzling Sasi


  1. The food looks amazing!!! I can't wait to see what you cook next.
    P.S wheres my bread girl lol

  2. Thanks Kristen! Hopefully you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy cooking and posting!

  3. For long I've searched the web for different receipes but no website or blog has done it for me, yea youtube is alright but this blog right here....speaking in food language *is the cherry in the ice* I applaud u. It has real homemade cooking with ingredients not too far feteched unlike others. I am a food lover. I'm willing to try out any new dish and dis blog I believe wud bring new aroma to my kitchen. Thanks once again, keep it up!