Wednesday, October 12, 2011

French Toast, Potatoes and Eggs

Brunch Time!!!!

Just sharing with you an absolutely exquisite brunch picture... This was sometime in the middle of winter a while ago, with my sister, not knowing what to make, not wanting to confront the dry, windy and cold Ohio winter. It was made with whatever we could find in the fridge and needless to say, it was better than some meals for which we make ingredients lists and plan a budget. Improvised is always better anyways!

PS: To those of you who are my friends on facebook, I know you've seen this before. 

For everybody else, say hello to French Toasts the Sasi way (LOL) with my special whip cream (which really is half whip cream - too light by itself for my liking - and half cool whip to balance out the whip cream), a few fresh strawberries, potatoes cubes and spiced on a skilled, topped with finely shredded mozzarella cheese with an over medium egg and spices served with a few slices of turkey bacon. Wheww!!! Indulgence is the word...


  1. Sasi. I have nothing but "hmmmmmmm" to say.
    It looks yummy as in can you upload the recipe already?
    lol. It looks good.. really good.

  2. LOL Missy Tee, I will post the recipe soonest!!! Yeah that was an excellent unplanned brunch to say the least!

  3. sisi be ready for me!! I will come soon! I need to try all your recipes. It looks delicious as usual!

  4. I know I already left a comment on your other blog but I also awarded this blog...:) Congrats