Saturday, October 1, 2011

Classic Apple Pie

I probably get my love for cooking from my mom, who is herself an excellent cook and baker. She has always been a very open minded person, fostering in me the importance to learn from and make friends with people from all sorts of cultural background. She (and my father to a certain extent) developed in us that attitude of wanting to integrate into any place we would find myself being/living in (without ever losing who we are.)
From her various interactions, she would learn recipes from other countries or different ways of making meals that she is already accustomed to making and incorporate those into our diet. 

Just like her, I find food and culture beautiful. And I just wish, and I am speaking to my African people, that we could try to be more open minded when it comes to enriching our diet with dishes/ingredients that we might not be familiar with. I mean, getting curious about what our neighbor eats, finger foods from other African regions, stews and desserts and main dishes from other African countries. How can we when we despise some of our neighboring countries or adopt a condescending attitude towards others languages and cultures from the Motherland? 

Getting to know who we are as a people (not limiting ourselves to that tiny piece of land that we call "our country" and that was drawn on a map and named by foreign governments in a faraway land without our approval/opinion), in the beauty of our diversity, is the only way to figure out where we are going.

What does this ranting has to do with apple pie? Nothing! Except that the recipe for the filling came from watching my mom do it and my mom did not grow up eating apple pie for dessert...

Enjoy pictures for now, coming back a little later with the recipe!

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